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I saw your home page, what should I do?

Use the following steps to send your device. You can send a parcel Cash on Delivery Kuroneko Yamato TA-Q-BIN Service. This disposal service is only FREE for residents and companies in Japan.
How to Use

I have many devices, How do I pack them?

Put them all in one box. You don't need cushioning material. Also, you can put laptops in a paper bag.
How to pack

Can I send a hard drive removed from my PC?

No problem. But if you removed any other parts CPU, Memory, DVD drive, etc., you can't use Cash on Delivery service.
Can I send a hard drive removed from my PC?

Do I need to contact you before sending my device?

You don't have to let us know when you have sent it. Please refer to the website.
Do I need to contact you before sending my device?

Will you not charge for these?

We offer completely free computer disposal and recycling service. All device disposal costs, data erasure and TA-Q-BIN Cash on Delivery is free. but We don't pay for carton box or packaging costs.
Is it free?

I don't have a cardboard box ...

You can get one from your local supermarket for free or you can buy from Kuroneko Yamato.
how to get box

I didn't wipe my hard drive. Is this a problem?

It's OK. Our hard drive wiping service is free! We do software erasing or hard disk physical destruction.
Hard drive wiping service

What can I send or not send.

Acceptable items: Desktop PC, notebook, LCD Monitor, Mac, LCD All-In-One PC, Homebuilt PC, Microsoft Office, PC accessories, Broken PC, HDD Removed PC, English OS PC, Old PC.
You can put all the items bellow in one box: Microsoft Office, PC accessories, Games(Play Station, Nintendo DS, XBOX, etc.), cell phone, Tablet, Smart phone.
Items we cannot accept: CRT display ,CRT All-In-One PC, Disassembled PC, Laptop with Cracked screen, LCD with Cracked screen,Printer, Scanner, Word processor, TV, Recorder, Only parts.
Acceptable items

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The 4 reasons everybody chooses this service.

1. All Free

PC disposal costs, data erasure cost, even Free Collection. You don't need to pay for the collection or recycling fee if the PC recycling mark is not present on the product.
Movie FAQ(Japanese) - Is it free?

2. Safety

We have the expertise that enables us to recycle and reuse all collected IT equipment in Japan. We provide safe and secure data destruction off site. JIS Q 15001 accredited. The building is alarmed and on-line 24/7 to SECOM Security Service.
Hard drive wiping service

3. Easy

It's easy to use this service. Only 3 steps. 1.Check whether or not your items can be recycled. 2.Pack by yourself. 3. Collection. You can also bring your PC to the store in tokyo.
What Have You Got

4. Recycling

We maintain the policy that no equipment processed at our facility will end up in a landfill. All Devices will go back into the production stream as raw materials or reused as parts and components.
Recycling system